Yoga is a calming exercise which impact the body and mind. It is suitable for people of any age, especially beneficial for seniors who want to improve quality of life, keep body strength and relax. Yoga is a practice combining physical poses with mindfulness, breathing techniques, and meditation..

Why choosing this activity:

  • Yoga = for everyone

Despite popular opinion, yoga is especially effective for elderly people. There are several yoga practices such as Yin and chair yoga, which allows seniors with limited mobility to join this activity. These types are gentle for the body and empowering for the mind, helping people to self-discovery, stay calm and avoid dementia.

  • Yoga  = beneficial for the body

Yoga involves gentle stretching, which can help elderly people develop greater flexibility and range of motion. Improved posture and muscle tone allow elderly people to avoid falls. Yoga helps to find and stay with body balance which essential to prevent falling and helps to keep your body healthy. Increased flexibility is an additional plus that was reported by yoga practitioners.

  • Yoga = calming technique

Yoga is suggesting a number of breathing techniques - pranayama, which not only increase lung capacity but have additional meditation effect. The first effect of pranayama is improved quality of the nightime - it allows you to sleep better,  while it also helps with anxiety and stress.

  • Yoga = keeps mind sharp

As yoga allows to meditate, it also gives the possibility to calm and slow reflection. Gentle mind activity like that helps people improve their concentration and stay focused, keeping your mind sharp.

How to start:

  • Talk to a doctor before trying yoga, if you suffer from any chronic conditions or tend to be very inactive (there is a list of conditions which requires to avoid twists)

  • Pick a yoga class nearby, to practice it in the group, or find guides 

  • Put attention on easy and relaxing yoga classes like Yin

  • As you learn, you can change your group and start practicing intermediate classes

Recommend it to:

  • All active seniors, who had no incidences related to spinal disc problems or glaucoma 

  • Everyone who wants to try self-discovery for themselves

  • People with sleep problems and concentration problems

  • Seniors who like physical activities in the group 

Be careful: care about your well-being during the exercises, and do not hesitate to take a break and just breath. Remember - yoga should be nice and comfortable for your body.