Have you ever tried to make a pottery piece by yourself? Making ceramics is a great activity to keep your mind relaxed and create something beautiful. And this is not the full list of joy you can get. 

Why choosing this activity:

  • Pottery = a meditative process 

Using a lump of moist clay, you put it on the potter’s wheel and you shape it into your very own creation. Ceramics making for seniors is something where you can enjoy both process and result. Pottery takes a person out of your routine, gives you something to master, something to contemplate.

  • Pottery = creating crafts for loved ones

There is no more wholesome gift than one created especially for you. Why not please someone you love with a handcrafted piece? You can share the process itself with some friends or family and have a great time learning something new together. Or you can surprise someone important with a beautiful masterpiece you created.

  • Pottery = an enjoyable way to learn 

It will take some time to learn how to shape the clay into something recognizable. But the concentration on the process and feeling with your bare hands the process of creation is something you’ll want to experience. 

  • Pottery = improving inner health 

That is the fact. This ability was discovered in research by Doric-Henry. According to the study, from the two groups of participants, the one who practiced pottery making showed improved measures of self-esteem, reduced depression and anxiety at posttest relative to the comparison group.

How to start:

  • You don’t need a special studio 

The best thing is you don’t need a special studio, you don’t need to move somewhere to do the crafts. All the equipment and materials you can find by yourself and bring at the comfortable place. 

  • Read a few articles about pottery and ceramics

  • Find inspirational examples on Pinterest 

  • Suggest your family join you

  • Try to make your first piece and enjoy the process

Recommend it to:

  • Seniors who love to create something new and ready to spend some time learning

  • People who enjoy the process of making something with hands

  • Seniors with limited mobility  

To sum things up - we recommend trying pottery making for everyone, who wants to improve mood state and enjoy crafting. Pottery will help you to express yourself in a new way, stay calm and relaxed.