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Sometimes all it takes is a little conversation with someone who truly cares, to ward off depression and other effects of social isolation that many seniors experience. Companionship services can also give family caregivers much needed respite.


Why hassle with going to the grocery store or to the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions when you can have someone else do it?

Meal Preparation

We can help with grocery shopping, meal preparation, and even creating a beautiful dine-in experience so you remain at home.

Light Housekeeping

If you provide the cleaning supplies and equipment, we can dust, vacuum, sanitize, take out the trash and more.

Pet Care

We know how much you love your pet companions and how important they are for you. We’ve helped pet owners with a variety of chores including changing cat litter, dog walking, pet sitting, getting pet supplies and driving to vet appointments.

Medication Reminder

A missed dose of a morning or evening medication can have serious complications for a senior. Let us give you peace of mind that essential medications have been taken.


Whether you need a designated driver for an outpatient surgery or just want to make sure you are safe getting to your destination, we are happy to be your chauffeur.

Personal Assistant

Having a personal assistant is no longer a luxury reserved for corporate executives. Your life can be so much easier with someone helping you with organizing, filing, decluttering, taking things to donations, doing on-line research, making appointments an

Morning Routine

If all you need is help to kick start your day, we can assist with bathing, dressing, making breakfast, medication reminders and more.

Evening Routine

Let us help you wrap up the day by serving you dinner, cleaning and tidying up afterwards, and whatever needs to be done around the home. We can also help with changing and transfers into bed.


The most common place where falls occur in the home are in the bathroom. A little help to assist you into or out of the shower can prevent a bad fall. We can give more personal levels of bathing assistance and even do bed baths. Please specify if you’d pr


Overnight care can begin as early as assistance with dinner and extend through getting ready for bed, transfering into the bed then being on hand through the night for toileting, calming anxiety and more. We can stay late to help with morning routine incl


$30 per hour, 2 hours minimum.

No weekly or monthly minimums.

Pay by credit card through your online account.

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