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Worried about your family? We would gladly check whether everything is okay. Call (719) 425-9572


Wendy's Team provides quality in-home elderly companion care. Our services are customized to meet your individual needs. Call us today (719) 425-9572


Wendy's Team is always ready to come over and help you to make purchases instead of you. Call us today (719) 425-9572


Proper and healthy way of feeding is very important for people of all ages, therefore, we are ready to prepare a tasty and healthy meal for your loved ones. Call us today (719) 425-9572


Housekeeping services for seniors Wendy's Team personal assistants are available to help elderly clients with daily household chores. Call us today (719) 425-9572

Pet care

Pets Care Support for Seniors. Assistance with obtaining food and feeding. Assistance with animal hygiene. Call us today (719) 425-9572


We are here to help people who have memory issues to remind them about necessary things. Call us today (719) 425-9572


In need of transportation services as a senior? Learn how Wendy's Team can help provide a personalized solution for your travel needs! Call us today (719) 425-9572

House sitting

Senior housekeeping services can help with an array of housekeeping needs such as: Generalcleaning. Vacuuming. Dusting. Cleaning counter tops, stoves, and ovens. Call us today (719) 425-9572

Computer basics

It is really important for elderly communicate with their close relatives, even through computer, that is why we are always ready to help you with setting up PC for your relatives.


Learn about handyman services for elderly loved ones, including snow removal, lawn care, minor home repairs, and more. Call us today (719) 425-9572

Personal assistant

Wendy's Team offers the services of Personal Assistants who assist in daily tasks while providing companionship and care. Call us today (719) 425-9572


$25 per hour, 2 hours minimum.
You can pay by cash, check or credit card.

No cancellation fees for up to one hour prior to a visit.

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