Tips For Helping Your Loved One With Dressing


Get all clothing articles together before you begin to save time.

Let them pick out what they would like to wear. If your loved one has dementia or Alzheimer's try to limit it to two or three options.

Always start with the weak side or the side with the least range of motion. If your loved one has an injury or unable to move their limbs use loose fitting clothes. Button-up shirts are great for people who cannot bend their neck or arms. I find it best to put the shirt on one arm, pull it over their head, and then put the other arm through. This is a great way to make sure you don't mess up their hair! You can also put both arms through the shirt and then pull it over their head. Only try this method if they can bend their neck.

Put on pants while your loved one is sitting down. Pull them up past their knees, assist them to stand, and help them pull up their pants. Be sure they have something to hold on to while pulling up their pants to prevent a fall. If your loved one cannot stand up, put on the pants while they are laying down. You can roll them from side to side to pull the pants up. This task might need two people if your loved one is completely bed bound.

Encourage your loved one to do as much of their dressing that they are capable of. Promote independence! 

It is easier to put on shoes when the laces are very loose, you can also use a shoe horn.

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