We have prepared an instruction on how to choose a senior in-home caregiver and avoid typical mistakes. We hope that it will become your truthful guide in hiring a caregiver your relatives deserve.

When it’s time to hire a senior in-home caregiver

First of all, let’s decide when your relatives may need additional help.

If you frequently notice the following signs when visiting your elder loved ones - talk with them and try to find the reasons. Don’t drag it out and come up with the solution as fast as possible.

  • Weight loss / no appetite / missing meals

If you recognize that your relative is quickly losing weight, has no appetite, their fridge is empty or filled with expired food or ready-made dishes  - these all may indicate that your loved one has challenges with cooking and nutrition.

In this case, they may need help with grocery errands or cooking. If you don’t have enough time to help them, think about hiring a caregiver for this purpose several times a week.

  • Neglection of personal hygiene

You might notice that your mom or dad wear dirty clothes, have neglected nails or teeth, messy hair, body odor or grubby overall appearance. There are high chances that they have difficulties in maintaining personal hygiene. The reasons may be different: from lack of time to such health problems as depression or memory losses.

  • Forgetfulness

If you notice that your parent forgetfulness has a significant influence on their daily life and may lead to bad consequences - it’s time to act. Such things as forgetting to take medications, turn off the gas/water, visit appointments or pay bills could be signs of memory issues. Today home care agencies offer such service as reminders for seniors, where they help elderly people with their morning and evening routines, ensuring that nothing is forgotten.

  • Disorganized house

If you notice significant changes in the state of your parent’s home such as broken appliances, overflowing laundry basket, dirtiness and messiness - this could mean that it’s too difficult for your parents to maintain a home.

Think about hiring a caregiver for this purpose, it will unload your loved ones from hard physical work and give them peace of mind when it comes to house chores.

  • Decreased social activity

Such factors as no desire to leave home, communicate with relatives and neighbors, lost interest in hobbies and activities they did before may indicate depression.

Humans are social beings by their nature and need regular communication with others. Lack of social activity results in suppression and sense of uselessness. Elderly companion care services will help your parents stay active and enjoy a social life no matter what age they are.

  • Accidents

If you notice excessive bruising, scrapes, or other injuries it could mean that your parent can’t perform daily activities without risk of injury. It’s a serious problem you need to discuss as soon as possible. Additional assistance, in this case, is a necessity, so don’t delay this matter.

Advantages of hiring a home care agency

If the signs described above are familiar to you, speak with your loved ones about hiring a home assistant. Usually, elder people reject the fact that they need help, so your task is to be patient and try to outline the benefits it will give to them. Here are some of them:

  • Assistance and support when staying at the comfort of home

When we are at home, we feel more calm and safe. Try to explain to your parents that that will continue to live under their own rules and in their own surroundings. Nothing will interrupt or disturb them, they will just get more assistance and support from truthful professionals.

  • Personalized care

Senior home care providers create an individual, one on one care program for each client. The personal touch and personalized approach make seniors feel appreciated and loved.

  • Peace of mind for families

When you know that your parents are under care, you feel relief and calmness. You no longer think if your parents remember to take medicines or prepare fresh food. Everything is under control.

  • The reduced stress level for seniors

Home care assistants give peace of mind not only to families but to elderly people as well. They deserve worry-free aging and home care providers are there for this purpose.

How to choose a reliable home care agency for seniors

We have reviewed different topics on forums where people discuss the process of choosing a home care agency. Here are the things they find most important when seeking in-home care for their loved ones.

  • Credentials and licensing

  • Flexibility

  • Dedication

  • Ability to build good relationships with your loved one

  • Experience of staff

  • A transparent process of service booking

  • Great personality match

  • References

  • Personalized care plan

  • A well-established process of caregivers screening

The average cost of home care services

Here are the main factors to take into account when calculating the price for senior home assistance.

  • Your state and region

  • The client’s health

  • Type of home care services

  • A frequency of home care services

There are 3 types of rates home care agencies usually offer:

  • Hourly rates

If you don’t need 24/7 assistance, you may pay for hourly help. Different agencies have an established minimum number of hours. The price in the USA ranges from $14 to $26 per hour.

  • Daily rates

If your relative needs a daily assistant, you’ll be given a daily rate. The price in the USA usually ranges from $180 to $350 per day.

  • Overnight rates

If you need assistance from a professional at night (e.g. people with Alzheimer’s, dementia, insomnia, etc. ) - be aware of overnight rates.  Usually, the cost of such services ranges from $100 to $200 for 10-12 hours.


Remember one thing: The right home care agency will spare enough time for you, answer all the questions you might have, and help you deal with your concerns. Good preparation and strict requirements will simplify this process and help you come up with the right solution.