On August 12th, 2017, a group of Team Members and their families spent the day at the Brothers Redevelopment Paint-A-Thon.

The group of volunteers from Wendy’s Team were matched to help Mrs. Kathy Davis. Mrs. Davis is a senior who has been living alone since the death of her husband in 2016. Mrs. Davis is a retired ER nurse who worked at Swedish hospital and other hospitals. Since her husband’s passing, Mrs. Davis has struggled to maintain her home on her own.  

Team Member Rachel Hughes and her husband Pastor Hughes kicked off the day with a morning prayer. Then the Team got to work. We cut back and cleared some dense rose bushes and then primed and painted the outside of Mrs. Davis’ mobile home. Brothers Redevelopment provided all the supplies and a project lead. A good time was had by all despite the blistering heat!

Every year, Wendy’s Team selects two non-profit organizations whose mission, goals and service are aligned with our company’s. We partner with one organization for a summer community service event and with the other for the winter holiday season. We started this tradition in 2016 and have found the exercise to be deeply rewarding. For it is in giving that we receive. Our community service socials bring our Team Members together in a way that extends what we experience in our daily work helping seniors.

Our volunteers for the Paint-A-Thon included Team Member Rachel Hughes and her husband Pastor Hughes and her grandchildren Faith and Antonio, Team Members Cindy Lucero and Sandy Santilli, our CFO Naomi Boylan-Campbell and her three children Cameron, Madelyn and Julia and CEO Wendy Tong and her three children Ada, Alton and Ellis. We wish to acknowledge Chad Nebbelink at Brothers Redevelopment for making this day possible.

To read more about Brothers Redevelopment and their work including volunteer opportunities, please check out their website at: