The home care industry is surrounded by rumors and myths. Even though it’s been around for quite some time, people still have lots of concerns and confusion about it.


How do we choose a home care agency?


The most common way is asking friends and acquaintances about their recommendations and experience, surfing the Internet forums to research and read honest reviews. The truth is, not everything has to be trusted without checking it first yourself. 


Home care services are often mistreated and underestimated. That’s why today we are going to talk about the most common myths and misconceptions to discover how the home care industry really works. 


Myth 1: Home care services are too expensive

Turns out the majority of families who thought of hiring a home care agency overestimates the price of its services. We wrote an article about pricing (you can read it here) and found out the average price to hire an agency is $16 - $27 / hour depending on the state. 

Comparing to the other alternatives, for instance, nursing facilities who charge $275-$350, home care services are an affordable option of assistance for the elderly. 

Plus, you save in terms of time and health - a senior won’t have to change the comfortable and familiar way of living and will stay in their own house experiencing much less stress.


Myth 2: Caregivers don’t care about their clients

Let’s take a closer look at this job. Caregiving is about patience, help, support and is not something people choose for money. It’s difficult but interesting at the same time. A worker who doesn’t care will not last long in the home care industry. 

A good agency will be very picky about their staff. When hiring, they will carefully learn everything about the home care worker. That includes doing a background check, conducting numerous interviews and tests, requesting recommendations and feedback from the previous employers and many more valuable steps. 

Not to mention that caregivers often become friends with their customers. A real personal example - client’s family invited a member of our team for Thanksgiving. 


Myth 3: Home care services are only for sick/disabled patients

No, this is a false idea. Home care has way more to offer, it can be practical and useful for anyone at any age. Sometimes people just need another pair of hands around, an additional help. To give you an idea of how diverse and fitting is home care, here’s a list of things we offer at Wendy’s team:

  • Personal assistant

  • House Sitting

  • Pet care

  • Meals 

  • Reminders

  • Housekeeping

  • Transportation

  • Handyman

  • Computer basics

So whether a person is recovering after a serious injury or just wants to take a break and relax for a day, a home care agency is a great option and will fulfill the needs.


Unfortunately, age is something that we can’t control, so at some point in time, we have to get additional help and care. For our parents, family members and the other elderly loved ones. Among many options like assisted living, nursing homes, home care agencies, private caregivers it’s hard to know which one will work best. 

Choosing a home care agency? Now you know the realities and hopefully will find the right match.

P.S. If you are looking for a home care service in Denver, CO - give us a call and make sure that myths are just the myths and this industry is trustworthy and legit.