Dear Wendy and Team,

How lucky can you get? It was pure luck that I read the story of you and your company and gave you a call. Your outstanding group of caregivers - energetic and kind - has helped me immeasurably to dig my way out of five dark years and calmed my fears about my surgery.



Wendy, you covered absolutely every base pre-op for me - some well in advance - some things that I thought up at the very last minute. All your preparations, including purchase and delivery of a key lock box for the door, go a long way explaining why my recovery has been such a breeze! So much that you did for me then was just way above and beyond standard home care help.

Tish’s great meals and company cheer me up as does Eduardo’s patient chipping away at the heavy jobs here.

The absolute icing on the cake - the Senior Make A Wish project. When the Lifescape Landscapes cleared out the almost jungle-like overgrowth and undergrowth from my front yard, my cares really lifted. They carted away a whole truckload of worries when their very hard working crew pulled away from the curb at the end of a full day. Now it’s a joy to sit on the porch in the cool of the morning and count my blessings. Thanks to you for submitting my name to Jeremy Ploom’s Senior Make a Wish! I can’t believe they chose me but I’m certainly happy they did.

Richard now adds his own magic here- paring, caring and sharing. Life’s problems loom much more manageably now thanks to you, your Team and Make a Wish Seniors!

Thanks to you all for spoiling me so! Balloons too!


Ms. Pat