We all understand the importance of thought through and pre-scheduled nutrition. Some of us, or our loved ones may not give a lot of attention to include in our nutrition habits maintaining a broad variety of products. Well, that is a pretty tough thing to control, and to be honest, is not always our first problem to focus on. 

Nevertheless, seniors need to get some nutritious elements additionally with supplements. When our organism is aging, it becomes harder for it to absorb some essential vitamins and minerals. 

If you feel like you may need some advice on that, the first thought is to go and ask your physician. Still, it’s not the best option. For your safety and health, you should have a consultation with a doctor to get some expert advice and then make an educated decision. We prepared a little guide for you here. 

Why physician is not the best choice to go with?

Physician is a general specialist in many areas of medical treatments and human bodies. Usually they are the experts we rely on for needing a consultation or medications prescription.

Physicians may give you an advice about interactions between different medications, hence, they are aware about supplements and drugs interactions. Still, they are not always the most educated experts to advise which supplements you may need.  

Much more likely you can rely on advice regarding supplements from a registered dietician. 

Other popular so called experts are nutritionists and naturopathic doctors. 

Who are nutritionists?

There is no specific level of education, training or certification required to counsel people on nutrition in most states and provinces.

Hence, it’s an "unregulated" profession. There are no standards and certifications. This leads to the situation when anyone can call get a “nutritionist” title - regardless of their level of knowledge. 

Some states and provinces regulate the use of the word "nutritionist" through registration or licensing, still, you don’t know what level of knowledge is behind that certification.

Who are naturopathic doctors?

Naturopathic doctors heal with a mix of scientific medical knowledge and traditional forms of healing. They believe in the power of the body to heal, and teach patients to use diets and lifestyle changes to get off diseases. In the USA, there are few states that require registration for naturopathic doctors, so it’s also not possible to get their level of professionalism and actual ability to give an educated advice. 

So what this left us with? 

For a consultation from an educated expert you may have to ask a dietician. 

Dieticians earned a Bachelor's degree specializing in nutrition. They must be registered with a  provincial or state regulatory body that monitors their professional conduct.

Dieticians are the only ones who legally could be "registered", "professional" and do their job having some standards. 

After consultation with one - don’t forget to check your prescription with you physician to eliminate any side effects. Stay healthy!