This is a great thing to add to a senior daily routine. Many caregiving facilities and assisted living providers have acknowledged the importance of crafts for seniors and added the activities to their schedules and plans. There are a lot of variations, but we decided to cover some easy crafts for seniors to make. Isn’t it how it should be - fun and simple?

Among crafts for the elderly, the most simple are crocheting, knitting, sewing, creating something out of wood, making beaded jewelry, crafting greeting cards and suncatchers. Some seniors enjoy collecting vintage things, remaking them to add a personal touch and turn into something new and unique.

Why choosing this activity:

  • Crafts for seniors = self-expression

Same as creating art, crafts are a wonderful way to express yourself, share with the world and show your own and special vision. This is a way to make a statement - this is me, that’s how I feel and see the world around. From the point of psychology, contributing to the world helps us strengthen inner harmony by a better understanding of ourselves.

  • Crafts for seniors = communication & socialization

For those seniors who have a difficulty communicating, this is just the right way to show how they feel and communicate. Especially crafts are great for those experiencing the post-effects of stroke, Alzheimer’s or any other hard conditions that cause a difficult time speaking and makes communication seem less accessible. This can be an alternative language to talk with the world and be understood. Loneliness and isolation are some of the common problems for senior citizens, so crafts is a good way to be happier by introducing ourselves and speaking to others. If engaged in groups, this is a nice opportunity to make friends and learn together.

  • Craft for seniors = reduced stress level

Creating handmade goods is a very relaxing and calming activity for seniors. By the way, it’s always a good source of presents for the loved ones - the best present is the one created personally and with your own hands.

How to start:

  • Choosing a particular craft

Start with trying out a few different directions and reminding yourself what you used to enjoy earlier

  • Getting the supplies

Any art store would have it. Or simply order some craft supplies over the Internet

  • Getting to work :)

Recommend it to:

  • Seniors who want to create beautiful things themselves

  • Those who want to find a family activity for the elderly

  • Seniors who want to reduce the level of stress, feel relaxed and calm