We need to remember a lot of things. 
For seniors, it could be surprising that they can not recall someone’s name or the place where they’ve put their keys. Don’t you worry - everyone can forget a little thing, the world is way too jammed with information that we have to keep in our mind. 

For each one of us, our memory is a major part of who we are. The feeling of forgetting something could be painful because when we forget things, we lose little pieces of our personality. 

Having a healthy memory serves us pretty good in our daily routine. 

Our brain collects and records simple and basic actions, patterns of solving complex tasks, which makes our life easier - we always have little paths, that we are used to. So it’s crucial for us to remember those, and keep our memory as strong as possible. Also, preventing memory loss helps older adults to be independent, confident, peaceful and happy. 

Remember: a memory loss absolutely does not have to be related to Alzheimer’s disease. 
A huge percent of occasions happen because of inattention, increased stress level or else. We all care about our loved ones and want to keep them healthy and keep them smiling. When you notice little things like a question “Where did I put my keys?”, the first thing you need to do: simply have a conversation. Just ask your loved ones if everything is okay. There could be some stressful situations you don’t know about, or an issue that your loved one tries to solve, which leads to them being inattentive. 

Take a regular health check
Right, the second thing required is a health check. We don’t assume any bad - it’s a pure double check, to cross out of the list unwanted options. Forgetfulness could be caused by:
- depression
- dementia
- hormones imbalance
- blood clotting
- vitamins deficiency 
- stroke. 

In addition, check all the medications that are prescribed - some of them could cause inattention. Consult with your family doctor on all things cited above. 

We decided to put together a list of habits that could be your next step here. All these little steps help to improve the mind and prevent memory loss for seniors.  

Let’s quickly go through pretty easy habits that can help to reduce forgetfulness for elderly and get rid of such confusing or uncomfortable situations.

1. Create a daily routine. Just find a special place for your keys and always put them there. You don’t need to recall the last evening and remember where you’ve put them. That is super simple and always helps when you’re in a hurry. 
2. Keep the mind fit. Older adults collected a huge experience and knowledge during the years, still, there are lots of things that await to be discovered: either learning new languages or obtaining a new musical instrument - do not be afraid to try new activities.
3. Socialize. For everyone to be surrounded by other people, those who we care about is important. The feeling of being isolated is a risk factor that can cause memory issues. So to keep the mind sharp it’s essential to have someone to talk with. Loneliness is a thing we all would like to avoid. Try to create an atmosphere, in which your loved ones always have someone to talk to. 

If you’re worried about older adults’ memory loss - you can simply tweak your daily routine and prevent forgetfulness. Keeping positive about the future, staying social, being open to trying some new things. That will help seniors to stay fit in both mind and body!