As the holiday season approaches, we’ve put together this quick checklist of travel tips for seniors and their families:


  1. Do not travel alone

After all, it’s always much more enjoyable to have a companion with whom to share stories and photos.


  1. Always involve your senior family member in planning the itinerary and activities

Sometimes younger family members make elaborate travel plans that don’t factor in the different interests or endurance of our elderly loved ones.


  1. Purchase travel insurance

All health plans will cover medical emergencies. However, they don’t usually cover any costs for medical evacuation or prolonged hospital stays at your travel destination once the medical condition is no longer considered an emergency.


  1. Pack enough medications to last 30 days beyond your return date

You never know if you might have to extend your travel plans. Also pack a list of your medical conditions, medications and the names and contact information for all the doctors you see. All senior travelers who have chronic medical conditions should consult with their doctor before going on a trip.


  1. Pack lightly

There’s no need to be literally burdened during your travels. Remember there’s a lot that can be purchased at your destination that you don’t have to carry from home.


  1. Find a direct flight

It’s usually worth any extra cost. The time saved will mean you’ll be ready to enjoy your first days at your destination all the more.


  1. Don’t be shy about wheelchair assistance

You can request wheelchair assistance at the drop off curb for all airports. You and your companion caregiver get to shortcut through security and the line at the gate.


  1. Request a hotel room on the ground floor

If available, the handicap access rooms are not only larger but will have grab bars and benches installed in the shower stall.


  1. Always have bottled water and healthy snacks

While on the road, the simplest necessities are easily forgotten.


  1. Consider a cruise

You can’t get a fully packaged travel experience anywhere that has as much support staff, access to medical staff and wheelchair assistance at all times. You don’t have to worry about the comfort of your elderly loved one. They can stay on board ship or take luxury land tours and walk as far as they want or are able to.

We wish you a happy holiday season and safe travels!