Trust one of our Team Members to get you to your appointments on time and safely. We can take you to see your doctor, go on outings, run errands and more. Our Team Member can accompany and assist you as much as you need at your destination whether it’s taking notes on what your doctor recommends, carrying groceries and shopping or making sure you don’t get lost. We are so much more than a cab service.

You can ride in our Team Members’ private vehicles or in the comfort of your own car. For safety, we recommend that you ride with us because our Team Members will be most familiar with operating their own cars. We will need a signed waiver for being a passenger in a privately operated vehicle. We check all our Team Members’ driving records as part of our background check.

If you have a handicap tag, please bring it on your trip.

Distances of over 10 miles are charged a rate of 54 cents per mile in addition to the hourly base rate of $30 per hour.

Client Story:

(names have been altered to preserve privacy)

Miss Rosalie needed someone to take her to her elective cataract surgery and to bring her home safely. She had a friend who was going to take her but the friend cancelled one week prior to the scheduled surgery. Miss Rosalie was very nervous about making sure she had a reliable designated driver so she decided to use a home care service where a caregiver could take her to her appointment, bring her home and make sure she was safe. Our Team Member not only fulfilled these requests, but she also took notes on what the doctor recommended and picked up the prescription eye drops for Miss Rosalie. Miss Rosalie had a hip surgery scheduled in the future and stated she would use Wendy’s Team again to help get her to the hospital for her next surgery.

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