There when you can’t be.

Are you worried about your friend or loved one? You’ve tried calling but no one is answering AND you are too far away to go and check on them yourself? Could something seriously wrong have happened or did they simply step out and just didn’t hear the phone?

Let us give you peace of mind. We’ll stop by your loved one or friend’s home and give you an update.

Client Story:

(names have been altered to preserve privacy)

Miss Heather, who is herself 75 years old, was worried about a friend of hers, Miss Doris who lives alone in a senior independent living community. Miss Doris is 90 years old and had had a history of C.Diff colitis. A potentially life-threatening diarrheal condition that is caused from an infection. Miss Doris had experienced a return of symptoms and had called Miss Heather. Unfortunately, Miss Heather does not drive at night and could not go to Miss Doris herself. Miss Heather called Wendy’s Team requesting a “check-in” visit. Miss Doris had spoken with her primary care doctor who felt that she could be treated at home if she could start taking antibiotics that evening. A Wendy’s Team Member helped Miss Doris pick up her prescriptions and additional groceries including electrolyte drinks. Miss Doris seemed to be safe in her home. Our Team Member let Miss Heather know her friend was safe and taken care of. The next day, Wendy’s Team called Miss Doris to make sure she was still safe staying at home and to see if she needed anything else.

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