Personal Assistant

Personal Assistant

Personal assistants are no longer a luxury only corporate executives could afford.

For only $23 per hour, we can send you a Team Member who could help you in the same way a personal assistant would.

Moving? Planning an event? A Team Member can be your dedicated project manager.

We can organize your calendar and schedule appointments. We can pick up your dry cleaning. We can file papers and perform all sorts of secretarial duties. We can do online research and make phone calls for you. Heck, we can even buy your wife’s anniversary gift!

Client Story:

(names have been altered to preserve privacy)

Mr Anderson retired from a long successful career as an immigration attorney. Much of his pro bono work had been done from his home office. His daughter called Wendy’s Team because Mr Anderson needed about twenty hours of work from someone who could help him go through his papers (under his supervision) and sort and shred whatever was no longer important to him.

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