Medication Reminder

Medication Reminder

It’s easy to get frustrated and stressed from doing even everyday things.

We’ve helped seniors and their family caregivers with morning and evening routines, keeping appointments and writing instructions that are shared with the rest of the household.

You can bring one of our trusted Team Members with you to appointments to take notes and pictures. We’ll respect your privacy and keep any sensitive information confidential.

Client Story:

(names have been altered to preserve privacy)

Mrs Johnson lives with her son Jacob. Jacob works as an accountant about 40 minutes drive from home. Mrs Johnson has mild cognitive impairment, an early stage of Alzheimer’s. Every morning, a Team Member visits Mrs Johnson to prepare her lunch and make sure she takes her mid-day medications. The rest of the two-hour visit is spent cleaning after lunch, doing some light housekeeping and oftentimes, taking Mrs Johnson for a short walk down to the mailbox and back.

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