Reading is a great activity for either doing it solo or reading aloud to your family members (so it can be a good time to spend some family evenings together, isn't it always a nice idea?). Even though this is a quite old-fashioned hobby, don’t jump to conclusion just yet to judge the book by its cover (both literally and figuratively). Many studies show that reading is not only good for your imagination but actually improves brain functioning, health conditions; offers many more valuable benefits.

Why choosing this activity:

  • Reading = reduces the stress level

While reading itself is a calming and relaxing hobby, it actually reduces the stress level. According to recent studies, it only takes 6 minutes for your brain to start resting when opening a book. This activity for seniors is way more effective than going for a walk, having some tea, playing with pets or enjoying arts.

  • Reading = lowers the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease

A good book will help improve the work of neuronal connections. Therefore, your body is not only resting but building a valuable asset of neurons that will take much longer to get affected by the symptoms of the abovementioned diseases.

  • Reading = a natural sleeping pill

Have you ever wondered why so many people out there enjoy falling asleep with a book? Reading a few pages is a nice way to fall asleep without any additional medications, works much better than having a TV or music playing on the background. And don’t forget about the bright and pleasant dreams, too (of course, unless you were reading a horror story).

  • Reading = working on analytical skills, memory, emotional intelligence and problem-solving

When we read, our brain is actively engaged in thinking and analyzing the materials. We tend to feel empathy for the book characters, try to understand and feel their experiences, develop connections to our personal stories.  

How to start:

  • Go online or check out a book store for something that will keep you a good company

Or check your bookshelves - there are still many books you’ve never read and kept for later. Choose a genre that is particularly interesting for you and certainly check the must-read lists you've had in mind earlier. Friends' recommendations work great as well

  • That’s it. Start reading

  • Don't forget to pick a nice bookmark to always be on the right page

  • A notebook will be useful to make notes as you go through

  • If you want to turn reading into a family gathering, discuss the book and pick the evening for it

Recommend it to:

  • Nice activities for bed-bound seniors

  • For those who have to feed their imagination and live a few different lives throughout the book journey

  • As an activity for stress relief and great family time (reading with grandchildren for instance)